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Thursday, December 3, 2009

I Had A Dream

It was totally random and slightly disturbing so the obvious thing to do is to share it with all of your. Spreading the love, so to speak.

In my dream I started out at home with my little family and was needing to get out of the house a bit. For some reason, I decided to go to a blog-type party that I had heard about but was not actually invited to. Because I'm a party crasher at heart, I guess. Watch out Washington D.C.

So, I finally get there and it's at a camp in the mountains with cabins, etc. There was a blogger that was in town and she was holding a conference kind of thing. Anyway, I don't actually know this blogger so I'm not going to tell you who she is because that takes blog stalking just a little too far for me.

When I got to the party, there were hundreds of bloggers there. Hundreds and hundreds. And everyone was friends. Even the ones who didn't know each other beforehand, instantly became friends. And everyone was really nice to each other.

Here's the really fun part. Even though everyone was friends, no one would be my friend. Hundreds of people, all with at least one thing in common...and still I was a loner. Everyone was nice, but no one would be my friend. It was lots of fun.

Isn't that a great dream? I knew you'd be glad that I shared. Anyone care to interpret?

And for a completely unrelated random fact, I read once that if you dream that your teeth are falling out, becoming soft or breaking off it means that you've actually said something that you regret and your subconscious is still obsessing over it. learn something new everyday! You've also learned that I'm neurotic and have crazy dreams.


Barbaloot said...

I think I'd rather dream no one wanted to be my friend than to have soft teeth. Can you imagine how unpleasant that would feel?

That being said---I'm always a little afraid of blog parties, but end up being glad I went:)

peewee said...

I dream that my teeth have fallen out ALL the time. But I NEVER regret what I say. haha. ah well.

Camille said...

I dreamt just last night that I was indian-leg-wrestling a random kid with whom I went to high school. I haven't seen him in years! My teeth weren't falling out, but I think having braces helps with that part of it.

Hope your dreams are better tonight! And if I were at that blogger party, I totally would have been your friend! :)

Kristina P. said...

I'm sure it means that I have the most amazing blog ever.

Happy Granny said...

Thank goodness dreams are only dreams. I hope you woke happy to realize you actually have lots of friends and people who like and respect you. As a stay home mom, it's hard to get out, but keep trying. A nice lunch with friends would do you alot of good. :-)

Messy Musings said...

At least you were wearing clothes at the blog party (I understand sometimes dreams can get embarrassing). That being said, I never remember my dreams - I'm pretty sure that means I don't have them.

Jo said...

I will always be your friend. I will sit next to you and laugh at your jokes and then talk smack later about anyone we didn't like. Count on it!

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