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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Recipe Swap Wednesday-De-Cheesing A Sandwich

Cooking. Not a whole lot of that happening at the Chaos house right now. I don't know why. It could be a lack of adequate grocery shopping. Or my inability to read a non-digital clock. The possibilities are endless.

Let me set the scene from tonight's dinner. Our meal had been lovingly prepared by the total strangers that work at our local Arby's. The girls each had a ham and cheese sandwich, a la the value menu. Neither child seemed inclined to actually eat their dinner although the last time they ate these very same sandwiches, they were inhaled with much enjoyment. I'm pretty sure the sandwich hasn't changed since last week. ahem

When we asked Lolly why she wasn't eating her sandwich she replied that she "wasn't really into cheese tonight". Okay then. So CG opened up her sandwich and gave her the non-cheesy side to eat, after wiping off the tiny spot of cheese off the bun at her insistence.

She ate that up and looked at CG expectantly. CG had just removed a piece of ham from the cheesy side of the sandwich and licked off the cheese. He noticed that she was looking up at him, just waiting, and so he asked her if she wanted the piece of ham. She nodded eagerly and devoured the piece of ham. That CG had licked the cheese off of. And I sat there in shock, not really knowing what to do.

CG: Was that good?
Lolly: Uh huh.
CG: What did it taste like?
Lolly: Daddy!!!

We're not sure if she actually saw him lick the cheese off or not. And it all happened too fast for me to stop it. So I laughed. A lot. Until I had tears running down my face.

Yes, my friends, I am the next Julia Child. Or maybe Jamie Oliver. Tonight was definitely a food revolution of sorts, but probably not the kind he's going for.


Kristina P. said...

All family germs are the same anyway, right?

Sassy Salsa girl said...

Cheese no, slobber yes, Lol!

Anonymous said...


Michelle said...

I have a few tears myself. Kids are so funny!

Debbie said...

Now that is funny! Sounds like something that would happen in my house.

Jody said...

Ha! That is funny!!!

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