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Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Favorite-Quarters For Christmas

This year Lolly's school joined with KSL (a local TV station) to raise money for Quarters For Christmas which is a charity that provides under-privileged children with shoes for Christmas. They sent home a note asking for each child to bring in a dollar to help them meet their goal of $750. I actually remembered to send it in on Tuesday which is a full 4 days before the due date. Go me.

Fast forward to this morning, Lolly was ready for school a few minutes early and had some free time. I think this has happened twice this year. We can barely do on time, let alone early. I had told her that she could play with Babs now since I had told her earlier to stop playing with Babs and get ready for school. I might have used a "for the love of all that is holy" earlier for good measure. Ya know, a typical morning in the Chaos household.

About 5 minutes later, Lolly came swaggering into the kitchen and said, "guess what I just did?". So I said "what?" because I'm a good sport. And then she told me that she had just washed the wall in her room next to her bed that always mysteriously has footprints all over it. I was so happy and thanked her profusely. And then asked her why. Because I am no fool. Which is when she told me that she did it to earn some money. This isn't all that surprising since that is how they earned their spending money for Disneyland and have had that option available if they really wanted a toy. I laughed and told her of course, but was surprised at her insistence that I get it right now.

Me: "Why do you need it right now honey?"
Lolly: "For school."
Me: "Why do you need money for school?!"
Lolly: "To give to my teacher for Quarters For Christmas."

At then my heart melted at the sweet thing that my sweet Lolly girl had done for those in need. Clearly she knows the true mean of Christmas. And also how to wrap her mother around her finger.


Kristina P. said...

I have a feeling you are going to be very poor, very soon.

Happy Granny said...

Good for Lolly, and what a perfect charity for the family who loves shoes almost more than anything else. You know the money is given with true love and appreciation for the need for people to have shoes, and not just to keep their feet warm and dry, but to feel happy and beautiful,too! xoxoxo

jillytacy said...

How sweet! Don't you just love it when they do something sweet like that that makes your heart melt and makes you proud of the person they've become! Way to go Lolly!

Steph said...

You really should start selling off organs for quarters. It's the only way to financially survive.

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