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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Resurfacing Randomness

I don't know if you noticed, but for a while there I kind of disappeared from the Blogging World. I just wasn't feeling it, ya know. We all know that anyone who reads my blog does it because it's amusing to listen to me trying to be funny. And I just wasn't feeling the funny. And at this point in time I'm lacking the mental organization to put things into a bullet pointed list. So, instead, I'll just ramble. That should be fun. Let's catch up, shall we?

Before I decided to have Lucy put to sleep, many people said that it was better for him and that it wasn't right to let him suffer and it was time. And I listened. And I now regret that. As a matter of fact, the very next day I regretted it more than anything in my life. I felt horrible. I just didn't try hard enough. I'm a cat murderer. And I totally hate myself for it. It's a lot harder to be funny when you hate yourself. I don't recommend it. I still miss him so, so much.

In other news, that very same weekend my Lolly girl broke her collar bone. It was a freak accident that involved a trampoline and a cousin twice her age and size landing on her head. Clearly it could have been much worse than a fractured collar bone. The accident happened on a Sunday night and I wasn't there when it happened. I heard about it the next morning and informed Lolly that I needed to look at her shoulder before she headed off to school to which she replied that "it didn't hurt as much". But then I got caught up in the braiding of her hair because the next day was picture day and I have my priorities. And then I sent her off to school. Without looking at her shoulder.

After school I picked her up and she even pushed Babs in her stroller on the way home. We got home, I was in the kitchen and she walked in after taking off her sweater (that she has worn all morning) and I saw this:
Why yes, I did send my child to school with a broken bone. Because I am that awesome of a mother. I frantically called her pediatrician's office and found out what to do. Then broke the news to her that she would need to go to the doctor to have it checked out. She didn't want to go. Then I showed her in the mirror why she was going to the doctor, pointing out that one side was straight and the other side had a big bump. She quietly acquiesced. But my poor girl was scared.

Everything went fine at the doctor's office and she was given an arm brace to wear until it no longer hurt. Lolly informed that doctor that it didn't hurt at all and she was fine. The doctor was a little surprised. I told her she had to wear it for 2 weeks and then we'd renegotiate.

Still insisting she was fine, I sent her to school the next day, which was Tuesday. And she had the cutest school picture ever taken. I will eventually learn how to use our scanner and share it with you.

It wasn't until Tuesday night, 48 hours later, that she finally felt it. She was sitting and suddenly just started sobbing. I asked her what was wrong and she said "every time I move my arm my shoulder hurts so bad". My poor baby.

I made sure she was properly ibuprofened for the rest of the week. She is one tough cookie and I'm realizing that in order for something to warrant a complaint of pain from her, it has to be hurting pretty dang bad.

Unfortunately, that doesn't apply to complaining about chores.

I've always been rather paranoid about things like stairs and trampolines. Among other things. Well, we've had the stairs incident. Now the trampoline incident. I think I might take my other paranoia's a little more seriously.

I'm the Teacher Appreciation person on the PTA board. For now. The basic details of how that happened involve me and my big mouth attending a PTA meeting. I'm sure you can use your imagination to fill in the rest. I was cautiously optimistic in the beginning. Now....well, I'm not so sure. I'm getting the distinct impression that my assistance isn't required.

I've been pretty busy canning. Didn't get everything done that I wanted to, but I never do that anyway.
CG canned all the grape juice this year. He's a natural.

We also went to Classic skating with Lolly's school and tried skating for the first time. There were some mixed reviews, but overall they had fun.
And were the cutest girls there, of course.

I went to Bloggy Boot Camp in St. George, but that's another post for another day.

After seeing pictures from the Bloggy Boot Camp, I decided to get my hair cut. My happier with it now, thanks to Hairyshoefairy.

You could say we've been pretty busy. We've celebrated Halloween and Thanksgiving and Lolly's birthday (post coming). We done school stuff and gotten flu shots. We made a few crafts and participated in Reflections in school. I did a lot of baking around Thanksgiving. We've had lots of fun and avoided too many chores. Both girls are healthy and happy, at least most of the time.

Things are good.


Kristina P. said...

Oh, poor girl! That sounds so painful!

And no pics of the hair? Does it look like Kate Gosselin?

Barbaloot said...

First off---yes, I noticed you were missing:)

Second, poor girl! That must be a seriously high pain threshhold she's got.

Third---yes to pictures. Of the hair and the school ones:)

hairyshoefairy said...

I did miss you online, too. I love seeing all your pretty jars lined up on the shelf. So cool.

Emily said...

Next year can you teach me how to can? And now I am officially exhausted after reading your post. Oh, and school pictures always come first! (Yes, pics of the hair, please!)

Messy Musings said...

Welcome back... you have truly been missed!! And I think you have a fabulous sense of humor :D

Missy said...

Gosh, you have been busy!
Hope the pain diminishes! I have been begging to get rid of our trampoline all summer before something like this happens!

Steph said...

OUCHIE... that collar bone pic just about did me in.

And I no longer feel like a canning goddess.

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