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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh resolutions....

So, remember last year when I posted my New Years' Resolutions for Groundhogs Day? Well, I think it's high time for my first update post! You'll be happy to hear that it is also my last update post for 2010 goals.

As you probably don't remember, my goals were broke up into small and large goals. I think I also threw in a ridiculous goal in there as well. Today we'll go through each goal in painful detail. But never fear! There will be pictures. And they will most likely be embarrassing.

Small Goals
#1-Make a new recipe each month. This is a great goal. Assuming you don't already do that. Which I pretty much do. So, thankfully, I managed a little success in this goal. It's a slightly hollow success, but a success none the less.

#2-Continue My Attempts at Healthier Living. Well, I guess you could say I did this. According to the Wii, I had made a goal of losing 10 pounds last year. That's not that much. And yet...didn't happen. I lost 5 pounds and gained 6. For some unimaginable reason, I did go down a size in yoga pants. I'm not sure how that happened but I have a feeling it includes a complex calculation involving spandex and geometry and I'm not really good at either one of those.

#3-Continue on with the grocery budget of $200 per month. I've done okay on this and I think that is in large part due to using only cash for groceries. I have found that although I can stick within the $200 budget for our groceries, it makes it hard to maintain and increase our food storage. I occasionally spend $250 for groceries and I'm considering making that permanent in order to afford the more healthy options. I also recall saying that I would blog some of my handy dandy tips. Didn't get around to that yet, but now I have another blog post idea for this year. Yay for us all!

#4-Updating our 72 hour kits. I got them fairly up to date this past year and just have a few things that I still need to purchase. Overall though, I feel comfortable with where they're at now. Maybe eventually I'll post a list of what I've put in them here. Since I am sure you must all be dying to know what is in them. Oh, the suspense!

Large Goals
#1-A Year of Savings. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha HA! <----Yep, that was my crazy laugh. We didn't even come CLOSE! Instead we opted for some financial hemorrhage action. Part of what made that goal reasonable was that we were renting our basement. Which didn't work out so good, to say the least. And after spending almost $3,000 to clean up the disgusting mess left behind, our savings account was just a tad bit further away from our goal. (In case you're wondering, dog pee has a weird sweet smell to it and not an awful smell like cat pee. Which explains Dexter's "indiscretions" last summer.) And I can't even talk about the truck. So, yeah, we don't have a year's worth of expenses in savings. I'm hoping to have enough to put in central air this year and replace CG's car once it becomes absolutely necessary. And when I say "absolutely necessary" I mean that we'll replace it once it "no go". If we're really lucky, we may get another year out of it...although CG may not see that as lucky.

#2-Organize Our Home. Ah ah ha ha ha ha HA! <----Again, my crazy laugh. I have such great intentions but really have no idea what I'm doing. I even took a before picture of the washer and dryer. See?

Can you see the differences? There's a light on in the first one. And I think the pile in the second picture is taller. And there are less hangers. On a happier note, my shoes are still fairly organized. It's wonderful.

Ridiculous Goal
#1-Write a book. Oh, the ridiculousness of that goal. Ironically, I did make two books this year. I would qualify it as "writing a book" but they are in book form. Using Blurb I made each of my girls a book of their first year for Christmas this year. It's full of pictures and little details and stories that children love to hear about themselves.

As for this year, I haven't really made any goals. At least not yet. I have made plans to ride in a few cycle events/races. Thanks to the encouragement of my lovely friends Emily of Is This Really My Life?! and Camille of Make It Work Mom I'm actually going for it. And, bless their hearts, they're even happy to have me join their team and possibly embarrass us all. That alone should tell you how nice they are. Hopefully they still like me afterward. CG says that this should count as my New Years' Resolution, but it seems like the goal should come before the plan. But at this point, it's all I got.

Maybe that should be my first make some real New Year's Resolutions! As for a word of the year....probably not going to happen. I have a phrase for the year. It's "probably not going to happen". After last year, I have nothing if not realistic expectations.

So! Now, I want to know....what are your resolutions? I'm looking for ideas....


Kristina P. said...

I don't think writing a book is all that hard. I wrote one last week that was three words long.

Messy Musings said...

My resolution this year is the same as every other year... to make no new year's resolutions!! I have been 100% compliant with this every single year - which gives me a wondrous satisfying sense of accomplishment!!

Emily said...

I love complex geometry and spandex. Best combo ever! And I just dumped our 72-hour kit insides because a mouse had gotten into one and weird stuff had exploded in the others. I think they were about 7 years old.

Missy said...

I like your goals!
I like your organizational skills even better!

Barbaloot said...

I wouldn't mind gaining a pound if it equaled a size smaller pants:)

My goal is to get my piano skill level back up and to memorize the Book of Mormon scripture masteries. I'm not doing all that great so far...

peewee said...

I can't even wrap my head around your $200 per month for food for your WHOLE FAMILY! Boy do I need to revamp my spending habits. How on earth do you do that?? That's only $50 per week! For 4 whole people! And a dog! You must do some crazy couponing. That is what I spend at costco on a GOOD self-restriced day.

I bow to you.

Steph said...

200? Please tell me your kids don't eat and that is why you can pull that off.

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