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Thursday, January 6, 2011

To Party Or Not To Party

That was the question for Miss Lolly Chaos recently.

We had plotted and planned for her 6th birthday party for literally months. She was very specific on the type of party she wanted. She wanted a "cowboy party". Not like a traditional cowboy party, but the cowboy party of Evo '10 fame. Remember?

So this particular party planning took a lot of thought and creativity on my part. The only sponsors available for this particular event were CG and I and we have, ya know, a budget that isn't really equal to that of a major corporation. Also, all things needed to be age appropriate for 5-6 year olds. But I did it. I figured out a really fun, budget friendly, kid friendly party. Except for the invitations. I was struggling a little with those.

But how can I make invitations without a final count for the party?! And so, the guest list making began. And went on. And on. Changing almost daily. Mostly getting bigger. Once we reached 16 kids (yes, SIXTEEN!) and growing, I finally had to break the news that we would need to do some editing. A lot of editing. Because 16+ kids at a party inside our house was just not going to happen. Winter birthdays=indoor parties. And that changes things. As we got into serious negotiations, Lolly started to get upset. She was worried that if she didn't invite everyone, that people's feelings would be hurt. And it's not like I could say that the kids feeling wouldn't be hurt. Anyone who has ever not been invited to a party knows. It hurts to be left out. And with kindergartners, everyone is "friends" and they are devastated to not be invited to any party....even if they don't know/like the birthday kid.

She was clearly distressed and I felt so bad. Birthday parties are not supposed to be upsetting! At least not for the birthday girl. So I gave her another option: birthday party with friends with a smaller invitation list OR family party (the 4 of us) at Chuck E Cheese.

She contemplated her options for about 2 seconds. Then she chose Chuck E. Cheese. And was a happy girl. I was actually disappointed. I'd spent so much time and creative energy planning this party!

And then I came to my senses. Chuck E Cheese it was!

We played. We had fun. We had pizza.
And birthday cake delivered by Chuck E Cheese himself.
Babs wasn't too fond of him.
A good time was had by all.
Then we went home.
And the rest of her birthday celebration week began. It was fun and exhausting all at the same time. We had Lolly pick out a weeks worth of her favorite meals to have during her birthday week. A wonderful idea that I totally stole from Jessica of Duck Duck Cow. It's a great and relatively simple way to make the birthday girl (or boy) feel special and celebrated for more than just 24 hours. I highly recommend.

The birthday girl in her special birthday outfit.
On her actual birthday the festivities included Babs and Mommy surprising her for lunch and the three of us having lunch at the school cafeteria. This was an unplanned surprise resulting after her incompetent mother forgot to pay for her requested hot lunch and having a very sweet lunch lady suggest it. Worked out better than planned. We even stayed for the lunch recess. Because they were a little short-handed. And I was there. The afternoon ended with her sharing Ring Pops with her class. It was quite the day.

After Daddy got home from work, Lolly got to open her presents. Birthday gifts included multiple Barbie's and an art kit made by mom. I didn't actually make anything, I just got some fun art supplies and put it in a cute Hello Kitty lunch box along with a sketch book and red beret for true art making.
Then we got all bundled up and headed out to see the Christmas lights on Temple Square. We even got to ride the train (also known as UTA Trax) compliments of the Mom Aboard campaign. It was awesome and it's one of my kids favorite traditions.
My Happy Birthday Girl
It's hard to believe my baby is 6 but I'm so happy to celebrate her birthday and everything about her.


Kristina P. said...

Sounds like a good choice! No birthday Snuggie, huh?

Barbaloot said...

You should put all the cowboy planning ideas and plans into a kit and sell it:)

Emily said...

Great choice! We do similar choices like birthday with friends OR one really nice gift. In general we solve the hurt-feelings thing by letting them choose just one friend (they often have one best friend anyway) and doing something fun like lunch and a movie, or lunch and Build-a-Bear. Works out fabulously!

Living the Scream said...

That looks like too much fun! My girls love Chucky Cheese as well It is a lot less stress. Your girls are so cute.

Cluttered Brain said...

That chocolate cake looks so gooooood.

Camille said...

I have the same reaction as Babe to Mr. Cheese. So, we both have our oldest turning 6 in January?? We have so much in common! Sounds like she had fun!

Camille said...

I have the same reaction as Babe to Mr. Cheese. So, we both have our oldest turning 6 in January?? We have so much in common! Sounds like she had fun!

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