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Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's The Ugly Couch Contest

(That title was sung in my mind to the tune of "Ugly Bug Picnic" from Summer Magic.)

(If you've never seen Summer Magic, you really should.  It's one of the best movies EVER!)

In other news, I'm over at MMB today discussing ugly couches.  So come on over and share.  Or ask questions.  Did I mention that I need some design questions for future posts?  Because I totally do. 


Emily said...

OMGosh! I forgot about Summer Magic--I loved that movie growing up!

NotaSupermom said...

Summer Magic? Is that the one with Haley Mills?

Jillybean said...

Where were you and your decorating advice when I was trying to decorate around the huge orange naugahide couch that my husband had when we first got married? (he paid $20 for it at DI) The thing was hideous, and really clashed with the mauve and burgundy carpet in our first house.
I would send you a photo, but I never took any pictures of the couch, and we have since donated it back to DI.

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