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Friday, June 24, 2011

True Colors Swap!

As you know, I participated in Jessica G. True Colors Swap.  The packages have all (hopefully) been mailed and gleefully opened by all the participants.  Here's a picture of swap package I received.

You can probably tell that my favorite color is pink.  A pink drink bottle, pink pencils, pink homemade soap (raspberry lemonade), pink bracelet and a pink fabric banner.  I'm thinking that banner will go in my girls room that I'm hopefully redecorating this summer.  There was also a package of silly bands that were immediately spirited away and divided equally among the natives.  It's very convenient that those packages come with two of each sign.  Otherwise, things could get ugly.

My swap partner was Lori of Morning Glories & Moon Flowers.  Her current favorite colors are turquoise and yellow.  This is a picture of the package I sent her.

 It was so much fun shopping for the just right things for this swap.  I was especially happy about the book box.  My partner loves to read and loves turquoise and when I found a box that looked like a book, was turquoise and had pictures of books on it I was thrilled!  We were asked to send something homemade and because I am completely crazy, I decided to make some earrings.  But I've never made earrings, or any kind of jewelry, before.  That's where the crazy comes in.  Anyway, I was pretty happy with the earrings I made.  So happy that I made myself a pair too!

Thanks for hosting such a fun swap Jessica!


Jessica G. said...

Pretty cool package! I'm glad you had a fun swap partner. And those earrings are awesome!

Trace said...

I have missed your blog. Well, blogging too. Cute swap!

mysteryhistorymom said...

So glad you liked everything! I had not heard from you so I was worried that it got lost in the mail- ack! I sell the bracelets in my Too Silly Sisters shop.:) My daughter was so sad to see the banner go! She wants one for her room now.:) Great job on the earrings- love them! Lori

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