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Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Favorites-Heard Around Here

Today the Friday Favorite is going to be dedicated to the cute things my girls have said this week. Kids say the funniest things and it's so hard to remember them all so I do try to write them down one place or another. Here's a few from this week...

As we were out for a walk we passed a lavender bush (I think) that she loves to smell. On this particular walk she said, "Do you know what's in those flowers? Shampoo!"

Yesterday just before lunch Lolly announced, "I love ravioli, daisies and chocolate!" All wonderful things, although I never would have put them together the way she did.

Babs is just learning to talk and so everything that comes out of her mouth is adorable! But I have a couple of favorites to share.
She loves talking to her Daddy on the phone (even if no one is actually on the phone, she's talking to Daddy) and we've been teaching her a few good words.
Hello: Hewow
Love you: Wuv woo

And the Sesame Street word of the day is Nernie. She's pretty good at Elmo (of course) and Bi-Bowd, too.

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