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Monday, September 15, 2008

Latest Projects

For many moons now I have been working on a quilt for Lolly. I actually started on the little squares while I was in a quilt class during my pregnancy with Lolly. It's been a few years. And yet, it's still not done. I just couldn't decide exactly how I wanted to do it. But now I finally have decided what I want to do so it makes working on it much, much easier. There are quite a few hand embroidered squares and I'm finding that it's taking more time than I realized. Or maybe I just don't have as much time to work on those things while raising my two kids. ;o)

This picture is a part of the center square for Lolly's quilt. I'm only showing a corner of it because it has her full name and birth information on it and that would sorta, kinda undo the whole "internet anonymity" thing. Those simple little flowers took me FOR. EV. ER.
And this is a little project that I decided to do on a whim while looking at jillytacy's cute little blog. She has several tutorials on her side bar and they're just fabulous and she gives great instructions. This is my version of her cute cherry needle holder. I saw it and thought, "I totally need one of those" since I often take my embroidery/sewing on the road with me. But I thought I wouldn't have time to do something so cute in the 20 minutes I allotted myself to make this project. Yes, I know....unrealistic expectations. Anyway, I highly recommend going with her tutorial because I think that in the long run I actually spent more time doing it with my "shortcut" than I would have if I had copied hers. Although I did have fun with the polka dots. I just used some felt that I had at the house and it worked out pretty well.
Not the best picture but you get the idea.
Half open, half closed to show all the exciting details!Babs cute little grabby hand. Next project....Christmas. I'm hoping to post pictures as I get things done way before Christmas time. Yeah, I know....I'm laughing too! Maybe with starting in September I'll have a shot!


jillytacy said...

Oh my gosh, it turned out great! I love the polka dots! Great job! I think you 're like me. . .I always have to put my twist on things and sometimes(really almost all the time) that takes more time than just following someone else's pattern! I think it's a disorder. I call it chronic creativeitis.
I like having my needlebook so I can bring along my sewing, needles and pins. I hope you enjoy yours too!

Anonymous said...

So cute. And I totally need to make myself a needle holder now. Love the polka-dots.

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