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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Random Update for September

So, I haven't been all that good at posting lately. It seems I have more things to do than there are hours in the day. But surely, I must be the only one who feels that way! Y'all have no idea what that's like, right?!

And because a coherent sentence is such a challenge these days, I've decided to post a bullet point list of random thoughts especially for your enjoyment.
  • Lolly no longer takes naps. Enough said.
  • I decided to do preschool with Lolly every day to spend some extra time with her and to help her, ya know, learn things. Also, to keep her out of trouble.
  • Babs doesn't like preschool. She is especially offended if it is done during what should be her nap time.
  • Oh yeah, the day I started preschool with Lolly, Babs decided she didn't need to nap anymore either and would rather scream. For two hours. Yep, good times.
  • Happily, after two weeks of screaming she has conceded and naps well...for now....
  • I used to use nap time to clean the house. The house is very messy right now.
  • Lolly loves preschool and just amazes me with how smart she is.
  • I think she must get it from her Father ;o)
  • Babs is so cute that it totally makes up for her sleeping issues.
  • I'm happy to report that I have started on Christmas stuff! Pictures will be posted eventually as I get things done.
  • Last Friday was my day off to get some stuff done, which is my excuse this time for not having a Friday Favorite. Someday I will be more organized. Right?
  • I have so many things to blog about:Bear Lake, the Zoo, and our trip up Emigration Canyon to name a few.
  • When we put our house on the market last spring we packed half our lives into a pod for long term storage. We have now crammed all that stuff back into our living space. What we didn't get rid of, that is. Crowded? A bit.
Now you know why I haven't posted all that much lately, but it'll get better. We've just got to adjust to our new schedules and start new routines. And when I say "we" I mean "me".

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Trace said...

Gracie is a smart little cookie. I have loved subbing her and Tracy's class because they both have the most hilarious, but sweet comments. Way to go on the potty training. I am dreading starting that process again with Everett-yikes!!!

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