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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Catching Up

It seems like the Fairies of Anti-Simplification are out to get me. I'm still trudging along with the Dare To Simplify but I'm wondering if maybe I'm not doing it right because I'm not having the instantaneous results that I was hoping for. What? They're not instantaneous? That explains some of it. ;o) Probably not all of it though.

Last week the assignment was to not multitask during meals, which has been interesting. I did find that not doing something was a bit easier than doing something different, although I did miss the meal multitask more than I thought possible. I was pretty much able to stick to the challenge for the most part, but I found that, for myself, not doing something else during the meal was one thing. Tuning into what was going on at the table and actively participating was a totally different story. For me it didn't work to just not multitask during breakfast and lunch, I had to make an effort to tune into the goings on at the table and not let my mind wander off into random places like it so easily does. I've realized not multitasking during meals is good, but making more of an effort to interact with my kids during meals is even better. And harder.

This week's goal is fabulous because hopefully I'll get a few new quick and easy recipes to make at the end of the day when the day has been long. So, I'm hoping to compile a few pantry friendly recipes to share with everyone participating and getting some more to add to that list. I'm going to copy Daring Young Mom and post the list in my kitchen because I also find that when I'm desperate for an easy meal, all I can think of is McDonald's. I'm very happy about this because it's right up my recipe swap alley, which isn't happening this week because my jaw still hurts like a mother and I'm focusing all my recipe thought power on my list. I'll post my list here as soon as I've got one. Until then........

Happy Halloween Everyone!
Yes, that is the outfit that Lolly is wearing today.
We've got holiday spirit, even if it's the wrong holiday.

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Trace said...

It is never too early to get into the spirit! Tracy's favorite bedtime song used to be "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town". During the summer it brought a lot of cheer to our nighttime routine.

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