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Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Favorites-Late Night Edition

Well, actually, instead of a favorite I'm going to post the Lucky 7 I was tagged for in honor of the whole "getting to know you" thing. That's always a favorite. ;o) Here goes.....

7 Things I Can Do: *I'm not necessarily good at these things, but I enjoy them*
  • Can....ha ha
  • Sew, a bit
  • Whistle through my nose since I've broken it so many times
  • Plan....I'm a totally anal planner of things
  • Read, read, read....and then read some more
  • Get out just about any kind of stain
  • Writing.....obviously
7 Things I Cannot Do:
  • Teach! Especially at church. When my SIL called last week to ask me to substitute for Lolly's primary class I about had a heart attack. I made CG come with me for the first half, until he had to teach. And did I mention that there are only 2 kids in her class, including her?! Yep, I'm a pansy. I'm doing it again next week so hopefully I can be less of a baby about it then. *fingers crossed*
  • Ice Skate. Or any kind of skating actually.
  • Whistle through my mouth
  • Leave the dentists office without donating $$$ to his "Summer Home Fund"
  • Leave the toilet seat lid while flushing....nasty. I'm even training Lolly to close it before flushing too. It's a germ thing.
  • Walk by a license plate without reading it. And it drives me crazy when they don't make sense because then I waste precious, depleting brain cells trying to figure it out.
  • Wear socks while sleeping
7 Things That Attracted Me to CG:
  • His laugh. Seriously, the best laugh. Ever!
  • His truck. Ha ha! Just kidding. That's just what got the ball rolling, baby.
  • Sense of humor. We've always been able to laugh together, often at each other, and it just makes life more fun.
  • His dedication. He's very dedicated to taking care of his family and works hard to do so.
  • Our balance. If I'm freaked out about something he's usually pretty calm and vice versa.
  • He humors me. Sometimes laughing while humoring me, but humoring me nonetheless!
  • He's super cute and I knew our children would be the cutest kids to ever grace this earth with half his DNA flowing through their veins.
7 Things I Say Most Often:
  • Seriously!?
  • For the love of ALL THAT IS HOLY......!!!!!
  • Leave your sister alone.
  • She gets the red hair from both sides of the family.
  • Yes, she's going to have red hair, too.
  • Dang it!
  • Bless his/her heart......
7 Celebrity Admirations:
  • Aerosmith-I mean, seriously, with a mouth like that, you've got to be successful.
  • Amelia Earhart-I've always wondered what really happened to her.
  • Rosa Parks-How can ya not admire her?!
  • Angelina Jolie-Yes, she's nuttier than a squirrel in the fall, but I think she does a lot of great humanitarian work with her very large income.
  • And that's all I can think of.......
7 Favorite Foods:
  • Avocados
  • Pizza (I lurv Sam's Club Pizza)
  • Smothered Burritos
  • Soda (it's one of my greatest downfalls)
  • Homemade grape juice (the grapes are steaming as I type)
  • Chocolate (another downfall.....)
  • Raw veggies, especially when I'm pregnant
7 People to Tag:
  • Suzie
  • Ferny
  • Marsha
  • Hairyshoefairy (maybe in the second trimester?)
  • Jilly
  • De-merry (miss you!)
  • CG.....way to go CG!!!!! This will be his first post ever so stay tuned!


PossumGirl said...

We have so much in common it's scary!

Kristina P. said...

OK, I totally love you. You love Angelina! We are a dying breed, my friend.

I actually did a Jen vs. Angelina poll, and Jen killed her!

Thanks for the comment! I'm adding you to my Reader!

Brad and Jenn said...

Okay I LOVE this post! I seriously cracked up! I think our DNA makes us this quirky!! I'll be sure to do this one when I come back from another of my blogging sabaticals!

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