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Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Near Ticket Experience

I figured that it's been a while since I shared something stupid that I've done, so I'd like to take this opportunity to, once again, share with the internet world my spectacular talent of doing stupid things. It's not that they haven't been happening lately, I just haven't shared! ;o)

Last week I had one of those days where each of my errands were on opposite ends of the valley. It's not such a big deal, just some time spent in the van. In traffic. An unusual amount of traffic given that it was late morning. As a matter of fact, the traffic in all lanes, except the carpool lane, was almost at a stand still. My goal was to get into the carpool lane seeing as I almost always travel with a carpool these days. The problem? It was a double line that you're not supposed to cross for quite a ways. So I waited. And waited some more. And then I got to talking to myself about the whole situation. I said, "Self, you're just taking up extra space making this whole traffic jam that much more jammier. You might as well just skip over that pretty double lane and get out of other drivers' way. Everyone else is doing it!". I give myself a lot of peer pressure.

Anyway, as I looked around there actually were quite a few other drivers crossing over that dreaded double line and were doing just fine. I debated with myself for a few minutes before taking the plunge. There weren't any cars coming so I decided to hurry and pull into the carpool lane. Shortly after that, a BMW SUV that was quite a bit in front of me decided to do the same thing. And then, right after he/she pulled into the carpool lane, a Highway Patrolman decided to do the exact same thing! But with lights! So it was the SUV, the patrolman and me in a happy little line. It was very exciting.

I was slightly panicked, to say the least. It was pretty close. And, technically, that Highway Patrolman could have waived me over as I passed. So I made sure that I was looking straight forward as I passed them just in case. Don't want to be caught taking my eyes off the road. That would be irresponsible! Let's just keep our fingers crossed that there will be no unpleasant surprises in our mailbox in the next few weeks.

So, lesson learned. Don't cross the double lines. Ever. Just not worth it. Ya never know who's ahead of you. I hope we have all learned from my stupidity. You're welcome.


Kristina P. said...

Good lesson. I actually caused an accident this way, years ago.

Trace said...

I need to have Mike read this.

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