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Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Favorite-Canning

After accidentally taking the last two weeks off of Friday Favorites, I thought I'd go all domestic on this favorite. Although, in my defense, one of those Fridays CG took the day off so that I could get a good start on my Christmas projects, even though we did spend the morning picking apples and pears at my parents house. And I take my days off very seriously. So seriously that I recently informed CG that he still owes me a morning!

My favorite for this week is something that I grew interested in when I was pregnant with Lolly. One of my cute sisters in law grew up canning and was willing to show me the ropes. And she's actually still my go-to girl whenever I have a canning question. I've also found this book to be pretty helpful and totally on my intelligence level!
She invited me out to her house and we made applesauce and grape juice. Yum! This was about 6 weeks before I had Lolly so I don't know how helpful I was, but I learned a lot. Since then I have mostly canned on my own with help from CG, especially if there are bugs involved!

Last week I canned the pears that we picked from my parents tree. I don't have a ton of experience when it comes to canning pears, but I gave it the old college try anyway. Here's some photographic proof that I'm actually the one to can the pears.
Yes, it took me 2 hours to get 4 quarts. ;o)

And then on Saturday afternoon, CG and I made applesauce. Lolly came in and insisted on helping us make the applesauce just at the right time. It's not all that surprising that she wanted to help, but I was amazed at how good of a job she did since she's only 3 years old! Here are a few pictures of our sauce making. The last few years I have really enjoyed canning, but having Lolly help me gave me insight to the fun we will have for many years to come. This is something that I can share with my daughters (and sons if I ever have any!) as they grow and pass on to them this rapidly disappearing tradition.
I don't know what it is about canning that draws me to it. I didn't grow up canning and it's a whole lot easier to just buy it at the store. But I love it. It makes me feel all accomplished and pioneer-y. And I love feeding my family with home canned goods. It just feels right for us. And it's definitely a Fall Favorite!

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BTW, Tracy and I missed Gracie in class on Sunday. They have such a fun little dynamic together. I will be sad when they actually have a new teacher and I am no longer subbing.

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