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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Don't Cough On Me

On Sunday morning I was sitting in church. CG was sitting next to me and the only other person sitting within six feet of us was a woman sitting behind us. We were in the chapel so there was plenty of room to spread out.

As I sat listening to the lesson I couldn't help but notice the background noise. There was a lot of this background noise. There was coughing and hacking and horking out pieces of lung. It was a cacophony of disease. It reached the point that I could no longer focus on the lesson because I was so distracted and twitched violently with each new snort. It was all I could to sit through the lesson without jumping up and spraying everyone with disinfectant as I ran screaming from the room. But I didn't do that. Being all refined and stuff. I did leave the room though. But not before making one disastrous mistake.

I shook the bishops hand.

The bishop, who had probably shaken every hand in the room. And I didn't think to use hand sanitizer after because he looked healthy. I know. I'm a disappointment to germ freaks everywhere.

And here I am, three days later, sick, sick, sick. And a little mad. Okay, a lot mad. Although I was fine when I went to bed last night, by 4 AM I was coughing and gasping for breath. And panicking a little. And because of this, I didn't get to go to my Lolly girl's class today to help out. It is the highlight of our week. Hence the mad part.

I don't understand why people do this. It's like they somehow think that if they choose to go to work/church/whatever when they are sick then they are somehow superior to those that stay home.

If you are sick, STAY HOME. Please.


Mrs. O said...

This is why my kids didn't go to nursery. People forget that if bodily fluids are escaping your mouth, nose, or behind - you're too sick to be there.

Mrs. O said...

And I hope you feel better soon

Barbaloot said...

I just choose not to get sick. I'm pretty sure this does make me better than everyone else:)

Just SO said...

I was sick this past Sunday. It was our ward conference and I was sad. I did go to sacrament meeting and sat in the very back sucking the life out of a cough drop. I refrained from shaking hands as much as possible. My daughter and son both had interviews with the bishop after sacrament. One for baptism the other so he can be ordained a deacon. That was part of my excuse for showing up. Usually if I am sick or my kids are sick we stay home.

I remember when my kids were really little there was a time period of about 6 months where our family did not attend our meetings together because of sick kids or us being sick. Usually I would go teach my primary class and Ty would stay home then I would come home so he could go and teach his class and we would switch off who got to go to sacrament meeting.

Feel better soon.

Kristina P. said...

So sorry! And I couldn't agree more.

Missy said...

I agree! Do not be a hero!
Hope you are feeling better soon!

Emily said...

Like everyone else, I agree! (Plus I love any excuse to stay home from church...)

Steph said...

Seriously... It's like people expect an award when they say "I had a 104 fever and still went to church". The only award they get from me is the "idiot award"

And feel better

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