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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

And The Survey Says...

Happy Tip Tuesday Everyone!  No tips here, but a question.  The question of the day, if you will.

How often do you buy clothing?  And  be honest now.  CG and I have differing opinions on this particular subject so I'm taking it to you, my dear blog friends.  It's for the sake of our marriage people, so it is CRUCIAL that you comment!  Well, it's not that dramatic, but I'm curious to see what everyone else does/thinks. 

*Do you buy new clothes/shoes seasonally? 
*Do you buy trendy pieces?  How often?  Or are you strictly utilitarian?
*Do you wait to buy something new until the something old has completely worn out?
*How much would you guess you spend yearly on clothes for you? 
*And this is an important part...where would you rate yourself on the "maintenance scale"?  Are you High Maintenance, Medium Maintenance or Low Maintenance?


Kristina P. said...

I buy new clothes a lot. I've tried to slow down, since spending money on our condo, but I bought a new dress yesterday.

I usually budget about $100 a month for clothes for myself. That seems like a lot, doesn't it?

Barbaloot said...

Wow-this is hard for me to answer. I don't really have set times (seasons, holidays etc.) when I buy clothes. I'm kinda sporadic as far as that goes. I'm not too trendy---I try and buy basic and then maybe a few trendy things to mix it up. Kinda.

I'd say I spend...$1000/year on clothes? Gosh, that really seems like a lot, right?! Yikes.

And I'm probly medium maintenance. Hope that helps:)

Messy Musings said...

I buy clothes usually a couple times a year (beginning of summer & beginning of winter). Usually am not very trendy at all - so the styles will last longer. Older clothing items get demoted to house / yard work status (until they're totally ruined or worn out).

Shoes are purchased when it's time to demote them to house / yard work status - then the old totally ruined ones of those get thrown away.

Counting shoes (which can be expensive), I probably spend anywhere from $800 to $1000 a year. I am definitely a LOW maintenance person. On my budget who could be otherwise?

Becky said...

I buy a few items each time I go shopping. I stick with basics with a few trendy accents to keep in style. Shoes I have my basics then by new summer shoes each year. not sure how much I spend but I would put myself Low maintenance.

hairyshoefairy said...

I'm med-low maintenance. I think. :)

I don't do many things that are really trendy but if I do I don't spend much on them because they won't become staples of my wardrobe and will go out of style relatively quickly.

I buy a lot second hand and am rather, uh, cheap. I have a hard time spending money on clothes for myself because a lot of what I have still fits (even if it doesn't look great anymore) and we should really try to be saving money for a house down payment, etc. I will spend a little more on something that I absolutely love and have been learning that just because something is a killer deal that doesn't mean it's something I'll wear. I spend probably less than $30/month on myself. I also go in waves of buying quite a few pieces for myself (boots and some pants or some cardigans or whatever) then I'll go a few month without buying much of anything for myself. It's sort of feast of famine for me.

Living the Scream said...

I do not buy a lot of clothes. When I find a bargain or when I really need something I do. I love to go shopping though!

Emily said...

I hate shopping for myself more than anything on this planet. Buying clothes for my girls is fun, but buying clothes for me is just torture. I go shopping as little as possible, and I wear my clothes until they are just too full of holes to wear anymore. I probably spend $200 or less on clothes for myself every year. I am very, very low maintenance. The clothes have to be utilitarian, nothing trendy, because I'm going to be wearing it for a long, long time. (The shirt I have on right now is 12 years old!)

It's gotten so bad that my sisters are intervening and taking me on a What Not to Wear-ish shopping trip tomorrow. I'm not sure how I feel about this, but having someone tell me what to buy sounds really good!

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