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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Book of the Week-Nancy Clancy Super Sleuth by Jane O'Connor

Now that Lolly is reading more and more, we've been getting in to chapter books.  Although, if we're being honest, that girl will read just about anything.  Chapter books, picture books, graphic novels, bumper stickers, cereal boxes, anything works. 

We've been Fancy Nancy and Jane O'Connor fans for quite some time and were very excited to see that Fancy Nancy has graduated to chapter books.  She still has her flair for vocabulary but this book had a longer plot that kept her attention and kept her reading for a while. 
This book was released this year, but we are anxiously awaiting the second book, Nancy Clancy Secret Admirer in January 2013. 

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Suzie said...

I'll have to remember these. Fi loves Fancy Nancy.

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