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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Snap! Event at Ikea in Draper

Ikea is my happy place.  It really is.  Just looking through the catalog soothes me somehow.  I'm not sure what level of crazy that puts me at, but I'm really okay with it.  We all have our odd vices and Ikea is mine. of them. 

Last month I was THRILLED to get to go to the Snap! event at Ikea hosted by the lovely Tauni, founder of the Snap Conference, among many other things.  My girls were also thrilled because they got to come with me this time.  Any time there is a blog event that they are included in they get so excited.  My little social media butterflies.

We got to enjoy a yummy breakfast and got an advance copy of the 2013 catalog, although you should have all gotten your magazine of happiness in the mail by now.
And all three of us got to see old friends and meet new friends. 
CG and I are currently discussing which bed we like better since we don't currently have a head/foot board.  Of course, on the list of things that need to be done around this house, a new bed falls pretty low on the priority scale.

And I just love love love this cart.  I have no idea how I would use it, but I love it all the same.
But I seriously need this for my entry.  Not just want.  NEED.  There is an ever growing pile of shoes and other random stuff in our entry way that always greets (and occasionally trips) our guests and drives me crazy.  This lovely piece would hide some of the crazy. 
The lovely people of Ikea treated us to a little shopping spree and I was super excited to get this indoor green house for my herb babies.  I like having plants indoors and I'm excited to have more herbs, but the jungle gets a little crazy and this might bring a little order to my chaos.  And if not, it's nice to look at.

And I even put this together without any adult supervision!  In less than 20 minutes, I might add.  It went together so easily and I can't wait to bring some of my garden herbs in to use throughout the year.

Now all I have to do is learn how to cook with fresh herbs.

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hairyshoefairy said...

Fun! I saw that event and wanted to go but had something else around the same time and just couldn't make it work. I'm glad you got to go! The mini green house thing looks cool!

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