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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tip Tuesday-Packing A School Lunch!

Since Lolly started kindergarten (TWO YEARS AGO!!!) she has taken a home lunch to school.  She went to all day kindergarten and we found that buying school lunch everyday would kind of cost a lot and wasn't exactly what I would want her eating every day.  Because we like to compromise, she gets hot lunch once a week (on a day of her choosing) so she doesn't feel like she misses out bringing her lunch.  But sending a lunch every day can get to be....challenging.  Most people don't want to eat the same sandwich everyday.  I know I don't!  So I try to shake things up a little.  Sometimes it works, other times...not so much.  But for the most party, Lolly is pretty happy with what I send in her lunch.  And occasionally amused. 

Here are some random pictures of random lunches that I have sent over the years. 

By the way, those things that look like meatballs are actually mini zucchini muffins.  If they are in a peanut free class, I send them as is, but if they are allowed peanuts then I send them with peanut butter.  As you can see, I tend to send a lot of tiny tomatoes, but only in the fall when they are growing in our garden.  In the picture just above, the Hello Kitty container has a yummy dill dip.  I always try to make sure that there is a fruit, veggie and protein in her lunch so that it's a good combination of yummy, filling and healthy.  Of course, there are those days where it is painfully obvious that I need to go grocery shopping.  I just don't take pictures on those days. 

My very most favorite part of packing her lunch is the napkin.  I just send a paper napkin but each day I put a little picture or message on it.  If there is something special going on that day, like a test or activity, I will make the napkin about that.  And for her birthday week, there are birthday themed pictures on every napkin.  The best part about it is that if you have really crazy busy morning, you can make the entire week's worth of napkins on Sunday night and just stick one in the lunch box in the morning.

Actually, the very best part is when they start writing messages back. 
This is a napkin from the end of Lolly's kindergarten year and it made me day!  And, yes, I plan on keeping this paper napkin forever. 


Emily said...

Are those the silicone muffin, um, thingies? I don't know what they are called when they aren't made of paper, but do you know what I mean? And if they are the silicone ones, do you like them?

Emily said...

I too write notes on my kids' napkins--at least when I'm the one making their lunches. Lately the girls make their own and George just started bringing his for 1st grade. Of course, I'm the lame mom who lets their kids buy whenever they'd like...probably because my mom rarely did. That and the less than $2 cost. ;)

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