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Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Favorite-Clean Laundry

To be perfectly honest, I'm not one who really enjoys housework. Oh, I love the feeling of a clean house and bask in that glory at least once a year, but I'm just not the type of person to enjoy the process one goes through to achieve a clean house.

The only household chore I find even remotely pleasant is laundry. There is just something so calming about it...the timeless process of laundry going from hamper to washer to dryer to basket to it's folded perfection where it will, hopefully, make that journey towards it's rightful place of storage. Unfortunately, that rightful place of storage can vary widely between a drawer or say, the bedroom floor, on occasion....ahem, cough, CG. ;o) It's wonderful because I can just zone out while I fold the clean, good smelling laundry and not have to worry about the task that I'm doing. It has a definite zen quality to it that I admire. And knowing that we have enough clean laundry to get us through the next hour, at the very least, is very calming.

It seems to me that this blog is becoming more like a confessional of my lameness. I totally just wrote a blog about laundry. *sigh* Well, at least I'm being consistent and I'm all about being consistent! Happy Friday Everyone!


Suzie said...

I love the feeling of warm laundry out of the dryer. So I understand your zenness with laundry. But then again, I'm like Monica on Friends, right?

Brad and Jenn said...

I do like the smell of clean laundry and feeling of accomplishment when it's all folded and in the drawers. (I say accomplishment because with this many boys, it is just that!) But other than that, I hate laundry!! The boys love to play with the basket of clean clothes. Somehow clean clothes are way more fun to throw than dirty ones... I could do a whole post on this too! We share the lameness!

Anonymous said...

Laundry is my favorite. It just smells so good. And I've devoted several posts to my love of laundry detergent. No wonder we're friends.

jillytacy said...

Oh're not lame! Everyone does laundry and it is nice to sit and fold a nice warm, fresh smelling load of laundry. Of course putting it all away is the part I hate!!!
By the way like you I enjoy a clean house but I hate house cleaning!!! I do find one of the ways that I'm productive and somewhat enjoy cleaning the house when I chat with my sisters or friends as I clean. I put my cell in my pocket and put on my bluetooth so I can have my hands free while I clean.

kittyhox said...

I just popped over from Daring Young Mom because I noticed you mentioned that you'd just posted about laundry. So had I! Mine was much longer and more detailed, so your seems much more sane in comparison!

I think you're right, one of the things I like about laundry is the sense of satisfaction when it is complete. The house is very, very rarely totally clean. In fact, I don't think I can honestly say that every single shelf, drawer, closet, window, shrub, corner of the garage, etc. has ever been absolutely perfect since we moved in. But more days than not I am all caught up on laundry. I love opening my son's drawer and seeing all his cute little PJs lined up in a row, all fluffy and sweet-smelling.

So I don't think your post is lame. :)

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