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Monday, October 6, 2008

Lady of Perpetual Simplification?

We'll have to see about that one, but I am going to try. As we all know, my blog name is an apt description of me....perpetual chaos. I married a man who also brings a little chaos to any calmness that may be around. And then I gave birth to two darling girls that are chaos personified! Genetics and circumstances are stacked against me, but I'm organized in my head so that gives me great hope!

It's not for a lack of trying on my part. Sadly, I used to refer to myself as the "Church Nazi" on Sunday mornings in my vain attempt each week to get my little family to 9 o'clock church on time. But then I came to the conclusion that we were not a happy family (at least I wasn't!) by the time we got to church so we were better off to be a little late and happy than on time and unhappy. And I've made some progress with bringing a bit of order to my chaos with applying a few nicely placed routines and schedules in my life. The girls have always done well with nap and eating schedules and we now have a bit of a morning routine where we do our chores which Lolly calls our morning choices. (We've been talking about choices a lot lately!) And although all of these things helped, I wouldn't necessarily say that I had simplified my life.

This afternoon while I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Daring Young Mom, she had a very inspiring post about simplifying her life and an actual plan on how to follow through with achieving it. Fortunately it's one of those plans that allows others to join and follow her around like the band geek that I truly am. **As a side note, I was never in band. I played the violin. I guess that makes me an orchestra geek....who is easily sidetracked...** Anyhoo, the first baby step toward simplification is only listening to classical music or none at all. This could put a damper on our Disco Dancing Parties, but it's only for one week so we'll survive. There will be a different small task to work on each week and then I will, hopefully, post about my progress. Who posts could become so zen that just reading my blog will be the emotional equivalent of a yoga session. Or, if I can't keep up with this, as with so many other things, we just won't talk about it anymore, mmkay.


Anonymous said...

We are disco maniacs too. That's the hardest part so far. However, we've had some great times with Beethoven today and there is a calm about the house. Dan wasn't too keen on this as the first step to simplification but I think simplifying our minds is a good place to start. Then next week we can add stuff back in. Thanks for doing this week with me. I put it out there and though, "I bet nobody will join in but at least I'll be having a good time."

That Girl said...

Hey - just found you. Thanks for a great read!

Ahhh, I love trying to get the fam to church by 9:00. Some days leave me screaming, "JUST GET IN THE CAR WHY DONTCHA, CUZ I WANT TO GO TO CHURCH AND FEEL THE SPIRIT!!!!"


jillytacy said...

Simplifying sounds great! As silly as it sounds I don't even have enough time to try to simplify my life right now! I'm often tempted to walk around my house with a box and wipe shelves and counters into the box so the clutter disappears. SIMPLIFY! Maybe on my first vacation I'll have time.

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