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Monday, January 19, 2009

Fun & Easy

I'm all about being fun and easy. ;o) Especially when it comes to kids. This weekend as we were getting ready to have dinner, Lolly was trying to drive CG and I absolutely crazy by turning the dining room light off and on repeatedly. It gave me a great idea. Let's have dinner by candle light! It was not a fancy dinner, eggs and hash browns, unless you figure that CG making dinner is fancy. It was lots of fun, the girls loved it and it was super easy. Plus, everyone looks better by candle light so CG couldn't really see my make-up-less face, crazy hair or ever increasing wrinkles.

I do recommend using candles in glass containers. Some nosy fingers attempted, more than once, to touch the candles. Best quote of the night: after CG had told Lolly for the 100th time not to touch the candles, she said "But I just can't help myself, Daddy!". Classic Lolly.


Kristina P. said...

I love this idea! Would lots of smelly candles work?

jillytacy said...

We'll have to try this. It sounds like fun and we've never done this with Nature Girl. I love Lolly's quote! She's too funny!

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