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Monday, August 10, 2009

A Story Worth Telling

Many many moons ago, I went with my sister to the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival. It was the mid-90's....yes that many years ago. It was an experience unlike any other. I had never been to a storytelling festival and it exceeded what little expectation that I had. Going to a storytelling festival is not like going to story time at the library. The talented storytellers somehow weave a magical web around you, mesmerizing you, bringing you into the story so that you are no longer just a mere spectator, but part of the story. Before you know it, you will find yourself smiling when the character smiles, laughing when they laugh and tearing up whenever they meet defeat or sadness. You are no longer just someone sitting in a tent listening to a story, but you are there and can see each thing with such clarity it is like one of your own memories.

One of the Storytellers that was the most memorable for me was a cowboy poet. Sadly, I can't remember his name, but his talent lives on in my memory. He was funny and charming and just as you would expect a cowboy poet to be. Ever since that time, I've always had a special place in my heart for cowboy poetry. Although, honestly, there's not much out there.

Fast forward a few 2001. I was freshly graduated from college with my interior design degree held firmly in my hand and nothing to do with it yet. Now, here is where it gets a little cliche, but it's a good story so keep on reading. The singles ward I was attending announced a family home evening activity.......a reading by an authentic cowboy poet! It was to be held in the back yard of the "internet anonymous" family. I didn't really know them all that well, but I was so excited to go see a cowboy poet, I put aside my insecurities and went. By myself. I was on time, which in Mormon Standard Time translates to early and the party had not yet begun. And I couldn't help but notice how beautiful this backyard was. Being the ever-polite Lady that I am, I complimented the hostess on her beautiful yard and she informed me that it was not her, but her son CG (she used his real name though) who was responsible.

The poetry reading began shortly after that, and although I can't remember the name of this cowboy poet either, I can honestly say that it was truly, truly awful. It's probably a good thing I can't remember his name....wouldn't want to slander some innocent, if untalented, poet's reputation. Afterwards, I went out of my way to compliment CG on the beautiful yard and the rest is....history. Short story even shorter, we began dating and were married a wee 7 months later. So, you can see why cowboy poetry still holds a special place in my heart because, otherwise, I probably would not have been there that night and it might have been a whole 9 months before CG and I ended up getting married!

Fast forward, again, to June 2009. I received an invitation to a blogger party that was going to be hosted by Cherish Bound and The Timpanogos Storytelling Festival! It was catered by Blue Lemon, which was super yummy. I highly recommend them because I don't like seafood and they made crab cakes that were so delicious I actually ate one! And loved it!

Anyway, for part of this promotion we were each given the opportunity to make a book through Cherish Bound. We could make the book about whatever we want to. They have so many options...designer books that only require you to put in the pictures and the rest is taken care of, landscape coffee table style books, and many other options. Really, it would be perfect for a significant birthday or anniversary, baby's first year, special family vacations, family reunions, genealogies, etc. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. I'm pretty sure I heard that somewhere and didn't make it up, but I'm at a loss at to where that would be. Sorry if I stole that from you and couldn't properly link!

It seemed only obvious to make a book of our fairytale's beginning. And this is what I got in the mail just a couple of weeks later. The rainbow glitter heart is covering up the "internet anonymous"'s not actually part of the book.

Hardbound in all it's beauty, it's a book that our girls will always have to look at. They will get to see what their parents were like and some highlights of their wedding. The wonderful thing about this book is that, because it's durable, it can be taken out anytime to be looked through by tiny little hands. That's a bit harder to do with actual wedding albums. This will be a true heirloom that my girls can grow up looking at whenever they want.

We also get to attend The Timpanogos Storytelling Festival that takes place September 3-5.
I am SO excited! There will be fun events that we can take our kids to, like learning out to play the washboard and bedtime stories, and hopefully there will be a few events that we will be getting a babysitter for! But, never fear, you will be hearing ALL about that when we go. There will probably also be a lot of pictures involved as well.

Seriously, how lucky am I?!


Kristina P. said...

Very lucky! What a special story about how you met.

I've never been to the Timp Storytelling Festival.

Happy Granny said...

The "good" cowboy poet's first name is Waddie, but I can't remember his lst name. Isn't it nice that there is such a thing as a real prince and fairy tales do come true.

Alveybunch said...

I love your book! Your girls will always love to look at the book. A perfect keepsake! You look great in those pictures too!

JennyMac said...

The book is fabulous! I love it.

Messy Musings said...

Wow - thanks for sharing the book!! Sometimes your blog is like the storytellers - you help us all become part of your story.

p.s. - so how are CG's landscaping skills with your own yard? ;-)

hairyshoefairy said...

I love that story. :) What a cool thing! Getting a great book like that is awesome. Now I want to go to the storytelling festival!

Camille said...

You were there, too?!? I didn't even realize it (of course it was my first blogging event and I kinda kept to myself...) :) I love your book and your description of the Storytelling Festival! Maybe I'll see ya there! :)

Michelle said...

I love the book. Isn't technology great!

Michelle said...

p.s. I still remember going to your wedding reception with Tina. You looked beautiful. The DJ asked me if I knew how to pronounce your last name... it was pretty funny because I didn't have any idea either!

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