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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tip Tuesday-Picking the Perfect Preschool

I have decided to make this week Conversation Week. You get to hear some of our most intimate family conversations all for the sake of the blog. Okay, not really, but it should be fun anyway!

The following is a conversation with Lolly during the drive home from preschool last week.

Lolly: Preschool is a lot like Sesame Street.
Me: Really? Is it because you get to learn lots of fun things like on Sesame Street?
Lolly: Well, the classroom looks a lot like Sesame Street. And all the kids in my class are like the monsters.
Me: Are they good monsters or bad monsters? (Ya just never know with kids these days...)
Lolly: They're good monsters! Like Zoey and Elmo and Cookie Monster....

And now you know. Find a preschool that is like Sesame Street and you will have one happy kid!


Momza said...

yea! she likes it!! Woohoo! I love Elmo and Zoey.

Kristina P. said...

Or a job!

Happy Granny said...

I love it, and Lolly too!!

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