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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We're Classy

In CG's Christmas stocking he received Dove Promises with Peanut Butter. In each chocolate there is a choice little piece of wisdom printed onto the wrapper. The other night, after eating a chocolate he brought the wrapper to share with me. Not the chocolate, but the wrapper. ;o)

CG: (while handing me the wrapper)This is very zen.
Me: (reading to self....Listen To The Wind) Hmmm....
CG: (mischievous little smile on his face) Ppppbbbbbttttt! (That's how I spell a farting noise.) know I'm blogging this, right?
CG:.....continues laughing

Yep, we're just dripping in class.


Cluttered Brain said...

LOL! Sounds like you live in my house. For a minute there I thought that you were going to say the fart noise was the message in your Dove wrapper....LOL.

Hi, I'm Cluttered Brain.
I like to blog.

(Oh, Okay. U found me out. MY name really isn't Cluttered Brain. It's Alexes. Nice to meet you.)

I found you on the giveaway thing for a CBC 2010 conf. ticket. You want to win too? i'm just checking out my competition. LOL.

AND I LOVE love your blog. And your bloggity name--Lady of Perpetual Chaos. Sounds like me ALL the way.

Did U notice the Clutter part to my bloggity name? Yup. My head is FULL of clutter some days.

Hmm. Well, if ya want I'm on FAcebook. You can friend me there. Or you can check out my blog. And yes, i even VLOG so you could see what this CRAZY person looks like.

Yes, I'm fairly sane and safe. Mombabe is entrusting me to WELCOME people to the social network over at MMB..(Have U joined that yet?)

And then there is Motherboard. Yeah, she trusts me too. I'm safe. I don't cuss. AND I am LDS.

And ABOVE all that, I'm just cool. Did I just make a new friend now or what?

Talk to ya later, Lady! Good luck on winning that contest. "i'm going EITHER way. I'm saving the green now. ;)

Kristina P. said...

You guys are hilarious. Want to bring me over some of that chocolate?

Just SO said...

I love it!

hairyshoefairy said...

Wow, this scenario is so familiar! I recently found a shirt for ODD that reads, "Rock. . . paper. . . scissors. . . gas. Gas wins." How could I not buy it?

Jessica G. said...

We should so totally double date.

Happy Granny said...

Don't you just love Dove chocolate? It's perfect for any occasion. :-)

peewee said...

HAHAHHAHAHHAHA!! I didn't see that coming!!! You made my day!

steenky bee said...

I tried to comment above on the tootie joke, but for some reason I couldn't.... Hmmm. So here I am.

At our house, cracking a funny is the highest of compliments. We pride that over our looks, smarts or possessions. After all, if you're funny enough, the money will come and you can then buy looks, education and possessions. ;) Thanks so much for stopping by the other day. Yikes! I was sooooo nervous to post!

Michelle said...

Oh dear... aren't husbands romantic?!
And, why are boys so gross?

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