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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Behind The Scenes of Fresh Living

As we all know, and I'm constantly reminding people about in person, last week I was on a local television show called Fresh Living.  The behind the scenes scoop is always so interesting.  Sometimes more interesting than the on camera stuff.  So I'm going to share all the great details with you today.

Technically, the most exciting thing that happened "behind the scenes" was I made my poor friends Carly and Stephanie tell me if I had anything hanging out of my nose.  I'm pretty sure that was the highlight of their day.  I also put on lipstick.  So perhaps I should focus on the pre- and post-show excitement.

Once I heard that I was going to be on TV I decided to get my eyebrows waxed so that I could, ya know, see.  It's been a while.  A couple of days before the show I finally had the time to get it done.  I wasn't too worried...I've had my eyebrows waxed many times, even in the skankiest of "salons" where I am mocked in multiple languages and called a Cry Baby because it makes my eyes water to have hair pulled out of my face.  My plan was fool proof!

Then the fool entered a local nail and waxing salon.  It actually seems like a nice place and they were very nice, especially considering that I had my two darling children in tow that love all things girly.  And have to touch EVERYTHING.  The woman who helped me was very kind and did a great job shaping them.  She started with a powder (that was new to me) and then moved on the wax portion of the show, finishing up with cream after she was all done.  Pretty standard procedure.  But I eyebrows were still stinging as I was leaving.  Oh well, what could go wrong?!

The next morning I woke up around 4 am.  It's so awesome when I do that.  Gotta love a little insomnia.  Then I eyebrows are still stinging a little.  So a dragged my exhausted self out of bed and into the bathroom to check out the state of things.  If it hadn't been 4 in the morning with everyone else in my family sleeping peacefully I would have screamed.  Loudly.  Not only did I have large red bumps surrounding both my eyebrows, my forehead above the brows was swollen so much that it stuck out further than the rest of my face.  I was having an allergic reaction to something she used during the waxing.  And?  I looked like a Klingon.  I was ready for my television debut.

Here's a picture of my hawt self 24 HOURS later.  Not the best picture (taken with my cell phone) but you get the idea.
Thankfully, the swelling had gone down enough that you couldn't really tell from straight on and the redness was covered up by miracle Mary Kay cover up.  I mean, you couldn't tell on TV right?  Please tell me you couldn't see my Klingon forehead....

The morning of the taping I was super excited and slightly nervous.  Or super nervous and slightly excited.  Those feelings are often interchangeable.  After doing about 5 feet of hair between me and all my girls, we headed out for the day.  I went downtown and CG took the girls to a event at the school involving donuts.  Everyone was happy.

I was making fairly good time, but had a hard time finding a parking space.  I should say, I had a hard time finding an intersection where I could turn left to get to a great parking space.  I managed a round-the-block maneuver and found my parking space, but thought I was running late.  Then the panic set I even have change in put in the parking meter?!  I grabbed my wallet and pulled out a quarter and was overjoyed that I had a quarter.  So overjoyed that instead of putting my wallet back into my purse, I plopped it on the floor in the front of my van.  In plain sight.  Yes.  Then I put my quarter in the meter and wobbled my way to the studio as fast as I could wearing 3-inch heels. 

Wait....$.25 isn't enough to feed a meter for an hour?  And there's a little display screen on the back that tells me how much time is on the meter?  Well....I know that now.  I returned to my van (in the pouring rain) to find a love note from the parking police telling me that their love will cost me $15 if paid within the next 10 days and $55 if paid after ten days.  It's a cruel, cruel love.

And as disastrous as all this sounds, it's pretty standard procedure at the Chaos' household.  And I had a great time going on the show!  I know!  I always thought that people who said that they had fun were crazy.  Well, I have joined the crazy ranks.  Again, standard procedure.  Now that I've had my local television debut, it's probably time to go national.  I'm thinking America's Funniest Home Videos is probably the most likely option for me.  Television Fame, Here I Come!


Living the Scream said...

you were great! Your so funny. You should be glad silly things happen because then you have plenty of things to blog about!

hairyshoefairy said...

Hee! I can't believe your eyebrows did that! I totally couldn't tell on the clip. Have I ever mentioned my great dislike for parking ticket giver-outers? Immense dislike! We got a few in CA. They weren't $15. I'm so happy you had a fun time. All three of your were so fun to watch and all looked totally hot.

Becky said...

Sounds like a normal day around my house. My kids always think we are crazy enough to win AFV!

Anonymous said...

I went to the link and watched you. You sincerely looked beautiful and were impressive to watch. A quiet dignity, no attention grabbing and I love your voice. You were charming.

Kristina P. said...

You did such a great job, even though you didn't even mention me once.

And I can't have my lip waxed anymore, because I look like I have an outbreak of herpes.

Teresa said...

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Emily said...

For it being such a chaotic couple of days (and day of), you pulled it all off superbly! I am so proud!

Messy Musings said...

(pronounced as... kahplah batl jeh)
which, as you know, is Klingon for SUCCESS AND HONOR!!

Isn't it scary I know that? Actually google is my friend ;)

Your television debut was awesome - as are you - and the whole Chaos family!!

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