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Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Have Giant Papillaries

My eyes.  They've been kind of bugging me for a while.  Since, oh, October.  Of last year.  I've been meaning to go in and get them checked out but it never happened.  They'd bug me and then it would get a little better so I'd put it off and then they'd bug me again.  I admit it...I'm not the greatest example of "self care" in the world.  But don't worry too much.  I'm going to go spend some quality time with my gynecologist next week and I'm giving some serious thought to going in to see a doctor regarding issues from the last time I broke my nose *ahem* 7 years ago.  I don't think it healed right. 

Anyway, I finally went in this week because my eyes had actually started to hurt, which was new.  They'd been itchy, dry and goopy, but not painful.  But this week they were hurting.  Like a lot.  So yesterday, off I went, telling myself that even if I was overreacting, it was better safe than sorry.  My appointment went a little something like this:

Eye Doctor looking in my eyes.  Me freaking out over it because I'm a baby about my eyes.  Doctor turning my eye lid INSIDE OUT for a better look.  Babs rubbing my back during the whole ordeal. 

Eye Doctor: "You have giant papillary conjunctivitis."
Me: "So, is that like pink eye?"
Eye Doctor: "No, this is way worse than pink eye.  This is the worst case I've ever seen."
Me: "Oh." (freaking out)
Eye Doctor: "It's pretty bad and you need to stop wearing your contacts right away so it can heal.  No contacts for at least a month and up to 6 months.  And you'll need to use these eye drops for the next 30 days."   (It was super exciting to find out later that those eye drops cost $100.  ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!)
Me: "Oh." (freaking out a lot more)
Eye Doctor: "But it'll be fine.  We just need to take care of it."
Me: "I feel pretty stupid right now."
Eye Doctor: "It's a good thing you came in.  Don't feel stupid."

Later on, while the doctor was writing prescriptions, I was chatting with Babs.  I told her that I have giant papillaries.  At least we all got a good laugh out of it.  

So, no contacts for a while.  No big deal, right?!  Except for the part that I don't have any glasses with the right prescription.  And I'm blind as a bat.  Maybe a big deal.  Thankfully, I found a place close by that does glasses in one hour and accepts our insurance.  And that's where the "fun" began.

You see, like previously mentioned, I've broken my nose a few times.  And the last one didn't heal all that well.  Possibly because I didn't go into the doctor.  Either way, it makes choosing glasses a bit tricky.  I've found that the glasses with the little nose pieces really hurt to wear so I was left to choose from the styles without the nose pieces.  And it's a really good things that those glasses are in style right now and I had quite a bit to choose from.  And I had my Lolly girl there to help me pick out the perfect pair, giving each pair a yes or no or "a little bit of both".  This pair seemed to be the family favorite though. 

So, how did we do?  Doesn't the camera look stunning!

A little close-up....
Hmmmmm....I think I like them....
As I look through these photos with my hair actually done and make-up actually on, one thing stands out...even with all that, I still look tired.  But, hey, I had my hair and make-up done all in the same day.  It's the little victories that count.  Also?  Really don't love taking pictures of myself.  I just never look like myself to me in these pictures.  And I always feel stupid smiling like an idiot while trying to take a picture of myself or my reflection in the mirror.  But I figured you would want evidence.  And I'm a people pleaser.


hairyshoefairy said...

Holy cow! That sounds like none fun. I'm glad you went in, though. It looked like they were really bothering you the other day. The new glasses are cute! Very fun. I hope your giant papillaries get better soon!

Emily said...

Love those glasses on you! And yay (?) for giant papillaries?!?! LOL

Kristina P. said...

Yeah, remember how all through dinner, I thought you were literally going blind, right in front of my eyes? Hmmmm.

We have similar glasses.

Messy Musings said...

Awesome new glasses! Lolly offered very good judgement in helping you choose them. They give you a look of wisdom & intelligence - which you have had all along (except apparently when it comes to your own health) ;)

Happy Granny said...

Very cute glasses, Lolly picked a winner. Also, you make look less tired when your eyes are more healed. Cute pictures, too.

Jessica G. said...

Great glasses! But I'm a little shocked to see there is nary a strand of purple in your hair!

Jody said...

Hey!! I like the glasses!!! Good job picking!!! And I hate taking pictures of myself too!!! Hope your eyes get better!!

Steph said...

I've always liked your pappilaries. They are sexy.

Jones said...

Hey Lady! Those glasses are hot. I have fake ones kind of like those. Lets do a girls night out and be twins. We shall coordinate our outfits and wear our glasses. Yessss!

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